States on Awesomecraft

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States on Awesomecraft

Post  Ncisdiaboloist on Mon May 07, 2012 4:11 am

When you first come on to awesomecraft, if a mod is on, he/she will ask you which state you would like to be a part of. You will most likely ask "What is a State" and the mod will describe it as best as he/she can. Here is my explination -
A State is the hightest rank a city can be given. A states name will change to a color so you, the player, can have your name be your states color. You chose a state, Red or Green, and then an admin will put you into that nations ranks. Say you chose green, when you type something in the chat it will say [recruit] Your name: message - As you go up in ranks your name color will stay the same as long as you saty with that state. You must be in one state at a time. So if you didnt like green, change to blue, but stay loyal to your state and they will help you. If you start making your own city and it goes up in ranks it could be an allie for your state that your a part of. Who knows maybe they will even make your city (if it gets to city rank) there capital city. Maybe even one day your city will become a state and you'll be the governor of it!


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