Banks on Awesomecraft

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Banks on Awesomecraft

Post  Ncisdiaboloist on Mon May 07, 2012 4:30 am

DO NOT GET THIS CONFUSED WITH THE ITEMS BANK, that is just for bank events. There's a bank for ever state. Say you are a part of green state and you are a officer. You would get paid 250 coins every hour. Well this money has to come from somewhere and that is the green bank. it would come from the blue bank if you were part of blue state. At city rank city you must build a bank. This is there for not only decoration, but to remind you to donate some of your money to the green bank (if your part of green state). You need to do this because the green state and blue state bank both start out with 2,000,000 coins and for every single person there is a pay day from that bank. You can see the money will run out quickly, so they need donations. If the money does run out, nobody from that nation will get paid what so ever. They will then get mad and most likely quit working for you. As a city rank you are most likely getting lots of money every day. It doesn't have to be a big donation, but you do have to donate.


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